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Nose Aesthetics (Rhinoplasty)

Today, many people who have respiratory distress or have aesthetic concerns due to deformity can apply to Nose Aesthetic Surgery to get rid of these problems. Nose Aesthetic Surgery is the process of shaping the bone, cartilage and soft tissues that make up the complex three-dimensional structure of the nose by plastic surgeons with special techniques. Nose Aesthetic Surgery, also known as rhinoplasty, can be performed with 2 different techniques.

In the “Closed Rhinoplasty Technique”, all of the procedures are performed inside the nose and there are no stitches outside the nose. In the “Open Rhinoplasty Technique”, millimeter-sized stitches are formed on the skin between the nostrils. However, this technique allows the tip of the nose to be shaped better. The “Open Rhinoplasty Technique”, which has developed considerably in recent years, now gives much better results compared to the classical techniques, with the “Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty” and “Piezoelectric Rhinoplasty” methods, which do not require the bone tissue to be shaped by breaking and using special devices working with ultrasonic energy. Op.Dr. Şamil Yazgan provides services to the “Nose Aesthetics” needs of his patients with both “Open Rhinoplasty” and “Closed Rhinoplasty” methods.

Facial Aesthetics

Everyone wants to have a youthful, aesthetic, natural and balanced appearance. Having an aesthetic and balanced facial appearance is an important wealth for everyone. It makes people feel safer and better. Op.Dr. Şamil Yazgan offers services to those who have some aesthetic concerns in this regard, with many facial aesthetic applications, from face lift to eye aesthetics.
Face Lift is an aesthetic surgical application applied to eliminate deep lines and sagging that occur on the face over time and with the effect of gravity. In face lift operations, lip and cheek areas that lose volume can be gained by using the person’s own fat tissue.
When sagging on the face and sagging on the neck come together, an older appearance occurs. Neck Lift application can also be included in Face Lift operations in line with the needs.
Sagging of the eyebrows and forehead skin can be treated with open surgical methods made from the scalp. In addition to open surgical methods, closed surgical methods applied with endoscopic devices can be preferred especially by younger patients, in order to achieve an appearance known by terms such as “Fox Eye” or “Cat Eye”.

Low eyelids, which may cause a tired and old appearance, can be corrected with Eyelid Aesthetics applications, which provide removal of excess skin and swelling in this area.

Almond Eye Aesthetics, Face Lift, Eyelid Aesthetics can be applied together as well as alone. This procedure, which requires general anesthesia when applied together with another surgical facial application, may also be preferred when applied alone.

In the facial structures of some people, the fat pads on the cheeks may cause a heavier appearance than normal. With bichectomy operations, a more balanced cheek appearance can be obtained by intervening these fat pads with a short-term application made through the mouth.

Having prominent ears can be a problem at any age. It can be seen that psychological problems such as introversion and lack of self-confidence occur especially in school age. Prominent Ear Correction operations can be performed using general anesthesia or sometimes local anesthesia depending on the nature of the application.
Those who have a chin that is smaller and behind than normal and those who have a more pronounced chin appearance than normal can apply to Jaw Aesthetics. Solutions can be developed with some interventions to the bone and implant applications in small jaws. In more prominent jaws, methods such as rasping and retrieving the jawbone can be applied.
Tickle Liposuction applications, which are applied to make the jaw line more prominent, can be performed together with Face Lift or Neck Lift surgeries, or they can be applied alone. As an alternative to classical liposuction, laser lipolysis method can also be preferred in this region. With the laser lipolysis technique, the fat accumulated under the chin is removed and a more prominent appearance can be obtained on the skin in this area.

Non-Surgical Aesthetic Applications

Op.Dr. Şamil Yazgan offers many aesthetic applications for those who want to have a better and balanced appearance, which they can have without surgery.

Breast Aesthetics

Problems in the appearance of breasts not only for women but also for men can negatively affect the social life of the person. Op.Dr. Şamil Yazgan provides services with various aesthetic surgical methods for the problems of both women and men in the breast area.

Important Warning

Please note that it is necessary and very important for those who want to have Breast Aesthetics applications, if they smoke or have a disease due to smoking, to inform the surgeon who will perform the application.
In addition to not reaching a sufficient breast size after puberty, loss of breast volume may occur due to birth and weight loss. In such cases, Breast Augmentation operations can be applied by using different techniques in line with the condition and needs of the patients. While “Fat Injection Technique” can be preferred for limited volume increase needs, silicone implants can be used for higher volume increases.
Being larger than the ideal breast size relative to the body can cause serious neck, shoulder and back pain. Due to various reasons such as birth and constant weight gain and loss, sagging and deformities of the breasts may also occur. In cases where diet and sports are insufficient, breast reduction surgeries can be used to remove excess breast tissue and skin.

Sagging breasts can occur as a result of different reasons such as weight loss, breastfeeding and aging. With Breast Lift surgeries, the sagging nipple can be moved to the required height.

Volume and shape differences may occur between the breasts due to congenital or subsequent causes. In order to correct breast asymmetry and have a more balanced breast appearance, surgical applications can be performed with silicone breast implants or fat injection techniques.
Gynecomastia, known as Male Type Breast Size, is an aesthetic problem that is frequently encountered in men and can be corrected. In cases where the breast size problem is not resolved with the help of exercise and diet, gynecomastia applications are preferred, excess fat tissue can be removed with the help of liposuction technique and excess skin can be removed by surgical methods.

Body Shaping

Perhaps one of the most known and preferred aesthetic surgical procedures among the public is liposuction. This process is carried out by vacuuming the fat from the body parts where people feel uncomfortable. The most common areas of liposuction are the abdomen, waist, hips, chest wall and under the chin.
Cracks in the abdominal skin, sagging, regionally concentrated lubrication and looseness problems in the abdominal muscles may occur due to excessive weight gain and loss, pregnancy and hormonal reasons. In tummy tuck operations, the sagging abdominal skin is removed. In areas with excess fat tissue, the mass of fat is reduced by liposuction. A more tense abdominal area is achieved compared to the past.
The purpose of using the fat injection technique covers a wide range such as facial rejuvenation, clarifying the facial and body contours, lip volume, scarring and correction of contour defects due to previous surgeries. In the fat injection technique, healthy adipose tissue is removed from areas such as the abdomen and hips where more adipose tissue is present, with the help of vacuum. Before this adipose tissue is transferred to the needed area, it undergoes some processes and is transferred to the needed area with special techniques.
Butt lift can be applied with various techniques such as fat injection, silicone implant, flap augmentation, synthetic filler injection. In the frequently preferred fat injection technique, also known as BBL, a high amount of adipose tissue taken from the abdomen and waist region is injected into the buttock. After this process, there are no stitches left.
Due to reasons such as weight gain and loss and age, sagging and cracks may occur in the thigh skin. With Thigh Lift surgeries, problematic and excess skin is removed. When applied together with liposuction, a more aesthetic appearance can be obtained. In these procedures, the suture marks are hidden on the side of the legs facing each other or in the bikini line in the groin area.
Sagging and cracks in the arm skin are an aesthetic problem that can occur for many reasons and can be encountered frequently. In accordance with the patient’s request, excess skin is removed from the area. When applied together with liposuction, a more aesthetic appearance can be obtained. In these procedures, the suture marks are hidden on the side of the arms facing the body or in the armpit area.

Genital Aesthetics

In order to eliminate deformities that may occur in the genital area and cause adverse health effects, Op.Dr. Şamil Yazgan provides service with Genital Aesthetic Applications.

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