Cookie Policy

We are using cookies, web pointers and similar technologies for you to have a better experience and to make the most of our website. This “Cookie Policy” is valid for “website” and we would like to inform you about the cookie details with this documentation.

What is Cookie?

“Cookie” is a micro data particle that is nested to your device(computer, tablet, smart phone etc.) when you visit a website. These data particles helps with analysing the user experience, use it to optimize and improve the user experience as well as providing a better workflow of the website to provide a better user experience.

The Cookies We use in Our Website and Their Purpose

Cookies include the pages you view during your visit to our website, how long and how often you visit these pages, what type of devices and applications you use to access our website on which dates and times of the day, the province and district information you accessed from, and which channels you came to our website with and including but not limited to, it collects information about your browsing on our website and your usage preferences and records it for collective analysis together with the data of other visitors. Most cookies save data anonymously so that it can be analysed collectively. Cookies also collect your usage preferences, product and service requests and information regarding these transactions during your membership processes on our website and the use of our online store, and allow this information to be automatically recorded on your own devices for ease of use during your visit to our website. Thus, we can offer you a better and personalized user experience on your next visit. The data we collect with the cookies and similar technologies that we use on our website are not used to identify you. The types of cookies we use on our website and their purposes:
  • Session Cookies These cookies are created and used during your visit to our website. After your visit is complete, they lose their functionality and are deleted.
  • Permanent Cookies These cookies are cookies that can be stored on the hard disk of your device for a long time and remain stored until deleted from your browser’s settings.
  • First Party Cookies These cookies are stored and sent between their servers and the device you use during your visit to our website. These cookies can be session cookies or permanent cookies.
  • Third Party Cookies These cookies are defined by other organizations we use for different services, and they are stored and sent between the third party server and your computer’s hard drive. These cookies can be session cookies or permanent cookies.
  • Mandatory Cookies These cookies ensure that our website works properly, you can take advantage of all its features and that you can navigate our website smoothly. In other words, mandatory cookies are necessary for our website to function and are not subject to your consent. If mandatory cookies are blocked from browser settings, all or some parts of our website may not work.
  • Functionality Cookies These cookies allow you to remember your preferences during your visit to our website. Based on the information in these cookies, we can customize the content we show you on our website, highlight specific content for you, and ensure that your user preferences such as language selection, font size of texts, design style of the website are remembered. If functionality cookies are blocked from browser settings, all or some parts of our website may not work.
  • Performance Cookies These third-party cookies enable us to collect and analyse the data necessary to improve the performance and functionality of our website. These analyses include measurements of the popularity of a page, common functions regarding people navigating the site, how often a specific feature is used, and information about visitors navigation and usage preferences on our website, and to determine whether our website is functioning properly.
  • Social Network Cookies and Plugins We are able to use third party cookies and plug-ins for the use of social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube on our website. During your visit to our website, the social network plugins we use on our website can automatically connect to the server of a social network and view the content provided by the plug-in directly from the social networks into our website. This way, the social network can access and process your data and combine it with the data of your account on the related social network. We do not have any influence or control over the scope of the cookies created and the data processed through the plug-ins of social networks. Please carefully review the privacy policies published by the related social networks to learn more about the purpose, method and duration of social networks processing your personal data.
  • Target and Advertising Cookies As advertising networks, we can use Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn advertising networks and third party cookies for the use of these advertising networks. Advertising cookies, which we can use to work in connection with these ad networks, are used for purposes such as showing you related and personalized advertisements, measuring the effectiveness of the advertising campaign and remembering your visit preferences.
We can use various third party cookies on our website. Below you can find the third-party cookies we use and the links to the privacy policies of the relevant parties.
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Ads
  • Youtube
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

How Can You Prevent the Use of Cookies?

The use of cookies allows you to get a better service from our website. However, you can still prevent the use of cookies by changing the settings of your browser. Please note that some features and services on our website may not work properly if you block cookies. Most internet browsers are set up to automatically accept cookies. However, in most internet browsers, you can also choose settings such as blocking cookies or warning you before they are placed on your device. However, you can delete and / or block cookies at any time. You can delete the cookies that are currently on your device and set your internet browser to block cookies. You can learn how to change the relevant settings and block cookies by using the “Help” function in your browser.

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